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    The only thing worse than Boost Mobile's phone service is their customer service. The phone service is the most unreliable of all that I've tried, and I've tried just about all of them. At the time you most need to execute a reliable phone call, IT WILL FAIL (you've been warned now). And if you think you'd be able to resolve something through their customer service, you're sadly mistaken. They must pay their service representatives pennies, because they have nothing but ignorant people who care only enough to hang up on you when they're inevitably unable to deal with the problems, and the intelligence level of each of these representatives is that of a high school drop out, which is what all of them seem to be. I'm telling the truth, based on too much experience now, they just drop the call and send you back to the drawing board (on your own). I'm posting this only to save un-expecting consumers from the mistake of signing up with Boost. It's not worth any savings, that's for sure. If you're reading this and you decide to sign up with Boost, you can only blame yourself for what's in store.

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    Re: Beware!!! Boost is the worst company in the business!!!

    Wow, thanks for the warning

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    Re: Beware!!! Boost is the worst company in the business!!!

    thank you for warning

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