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    S2000 vs 88 Sentra...yup this is a street race. Now ur thinkin to urself, a Honda s2000 bred to go fast and handle good - as some would say against a crappy Sentra should not be heard of and never should happen...think again, it should in this situation. The sentras a sleeper....thats right a sleeper. In "street racing" term, sleeper means a car that looks stock outside but is actually suiped up and tweaked under the hood to download this and check it out...ull be in awe.

    Warning there is some or actually one explicit line in this clip....i dont think itll affect u that bad

    PG-11 and a half

    And im not advocating Street racing at all!!.....this clip was shot in 2002, so those of u who live in california and think that u can recreate this....dont because the new street racing law was passed last year (2004) so dont attempt street racing or else!

    See More: S2000 vs 88 Sentra
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    HOLY CRAP!! Better put this on my forum.. feel free to visit.

    Sure as hell wasn't expecting that . And of course, you don't usually hear any blow off valves on Sentra's either.

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    i remember that guy from nissanforums
    the car had a japanese motor, ca18det

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    NA vs Turbo.....

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    wow, lol, i still would rather drive around in the s2000.

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