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    Hey guys, so I've been googling around for hours with no luck and I was wondering if anyone could help recommend a decent 5ch Hybrid Amp (wattage preferably around 400-600watts). I have an almost brand-new set of Boston Acoustics G112PD subs with MBQuart (unknown model) mids and tweeters. I'm trying to keep everything as efficient as possible, with decent (hopefully above average) sound quality. Price is somewhat of a problem as I can only really spend about $500 max on this, being 19, saving to go to a school, it's a kind of an issue but flexible.

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    Re: Looking for budget car amplifier

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    Do you use a car cover or put it in the garage?

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    Re: Looking for budget car amplifier

    Hi, I recently bought a new car, but I do not have a garage, I am very afraid for its paintwork and therefore I bought a cover to protect the car. If you are also looking for where to buy a car cover, then I chose from the top of different car covers, here more info you can go and choose for yourself!

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