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    Where can I find information on all Toyota gasoline and diesel engines? I am also interested in the older engines, 1980+ years old. I can't find this information on the official website. Is it there at all or not? Can you suggest a verified source for the Toyota engine list?

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    Re: Toyota engine list

    I am interested in the Toyota RAV4, but would like information on the different model years. Can you tell me where I can find detailed information about the technical characteristics, features of each model and, possibly, instruction manuals? I would like to get a complete picture of what each generation of this car offers.

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    Re: Toyota engine list

    Hello. Information about the Toyota RAV4 in different years of production can be found in various automotive resources. I usually turn to sites like Car Smite. They provide detailed reviews, specifications, and owner's manuals for every RAV4 model. This helps me have all the information I need before making a purchasing decision.

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