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    I just sold my 2002 bmw 325, to buy a new car. BUT I wasn't sure what car i'd like to buy. I thought about either getting a new 325, an a4, a c230 kompressor, or a lexus is300. After having tried all of these cars out, the lexus appeared to offer the most bang for the buck. It came with virtually everything you could possibly ask for, including a spoiler. It's such a great car to drive, the only thing that i'm planning on truly replacing is the sound system. I used to have killer subs in my old car. They had an average running wattage of 1500 w and a peak of nearly 2400 w. They were great. but in this new car, the speakers are not nearly as strong, as they lack those bass blastin, subs.

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    I thought the IS's speakers were pretty good for a stock setup.. I mean of course it could benefit from some sub's, but the stock setup is good for the price range IMO.

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    my friend's has a tuned up IS to the max , he own so many shows here , his team modo is : Low Life (hehehehehe)

    but these guys have jaw dropping cars ...
    -- Peace I Holla --

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