How not to get scammed when buying iPhones and orther mobile phones in bulk

Internet is full of scammers. There is unwritten fact, that scammers are more than actual real suppliers. So when buying mobiles in wholesale, you must take due diligence.

Here are some advices that could be useful for you:
  1. Mobile phone prices cant be cheap. Prices and margins in wholesale market usually is not more than few euros/dollars less then retail. Apple iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 cant cost 100-200 even 400 or 500$. Real wholesale price is around 655$ for iPhone 5 (brand new, factory unlocked, originally sealed).
  2. Buying 2 phones you can’t get 1 for free!
    There are no such “promo” from real wholesale companies!
  3. Do research – there are simple things, that will show you, if it is scam or not. If seller is just some kind of unregistered trader – check sellers email on google, including “scam”, you will see if there is already someone else, who have got scammed.
    If seller claims to be registered company, check them using same way, but also their registration numbers and addreses. For European companies VAT registration can be checked here –
  4. Make sure that person who you are contacting, are the one it claim to be. As there can be situations, when you check everything, and company really exist, and there is good feedback, actually person to which you are in contacts, are not accociated with company, and try to scam you using another companies info.
  5. Do not give out your personal (sensitive) information until you havent checked.
  6. Do not pay anyone via Western Union or Money Gram unless you know the receiver in person or he is your relative, otherwise 99% of such deals are scam. Payment via PayPal can also be not so safe as you may think – if receiver is scammer, he will make you problems, so be 100% sure when paying by such way. Real companies usually deal with bank transfer.
  7. Always use due dilligence dealing with any company, even if it is well known and reliable.
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Dont look for the cheapest iPhones or other mobiles but look for reliable wholesale companies!

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