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    Small and built for function this phone serves well without a lot of bells and whistles. It lacks the options that many phones have in that it is a monophonic (one note at a time) ringer that can only be newly-programmed via the phone itself (which is why I opt for one of the standard ringers), a small black/white LCD display, and an unlit keypad.

    I cannot complain much, being in a rural area with spotty signal I do not depend on my phone for anything more than calling the family whilst on long drives. I occasionally wish the volume control would allow just a bit louder - but much of my driving is in a state which requires a headpiece while driving anyway. When the contract with the current provider expires we will switch so that home is no longer a ROAM signal! The real disappointment was that there is no alarm clock feature... bummer! On the other hand... this little beast holds a charge forever! If I compare battery like with hubby's Nokia there is no contest! I also like the voice recognition feature that provides hands free dialing - especially while driving.. I admit I feel silly "Saying" the name to my phone in the middle of the mall .

    Size and description: about 5" long, 2"wide, compact enough for pocket and well fitted to the hand. No fold or flip. Small external antenna.

    Features: Small B/W backlit LCD screen, monophonic tones, limited games, voice recognition dialing.

    See More: Motorola 120t
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