The Sanyo 7400 is the newest Sanyo phone and features a camera, video, RL (Readylink service), removeable faceplates, speakerphone, color screen, and a media player.

Screen: I loved the Toshiba 4050 screen no doubt. The Sanyo 7400's screen is not as good but definately a second of all the phones I used. I have a screensaver I used on the Sanyo 5500 and it looks so much clearer on the 7400. The outer screen is much better than the Toshiba 4050. Rate 8

Feel: This phone feels excellent in my hand...The Easy Grips arent the cutest but they do help you hold on to the phone better. Nice touch...and adds some character to the phone. 7

Ringer: This phone supports AAC ringers and they sound awesome. I never used the voice ringers because they all sounded distorted to me on all my other phones ...Not anymore my phone is full of voice ringers because they sound loud and clear. Sanyo might have improved the outside speaker because the voice ringers dont sound like they are going to blow up the phone. 9

Earpiece: SUBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE. I used the 5500, 8200 and 4050 and yes to me the 4050 is clearer...the 4500 has a bassy sound when the person doesnt speak right into their mic...My mother is the only person I have a problem hearing so she was the true test...I called her yesterday and she sounded a little better...I dont think the earpieces are totally fixed for the sensitive hearing people but for me they are good. 7

Camera: I like the camera better than my Sanyo 5500 doesnt need as much adjusting but not washed out like the Sanyo 8200. The 5600 adds a 1.2 mega pixel so that might sway me to it when it is released. 8

Menu: I like the ADULT menu. The icons look very un Sanyo. The ability to have customized shortcuts is a good added feature. 8

Browser: Vision is sooo fast on this phone to me. I have always perferred the Sanyo Net Browser to the other ones I have used. 8

Others: The alarm clock now has a weekday option. The faceplates makes this phone truly a fashion statement. The ability to customized the outer and main screen with different pictures is a great touch. New voice activation is great no training. Overall a good solid phone that may outlast the 5500 in my phone of choice.

Overall: I love it so far I give it a 8. I might keep this one for a long time. It is a good solid phone. I consider it an upgrade from the 5500 because some of the features scream flagship phone although I know it might not be.

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