I have used the previous incarnation of this phone (the E606) and this is a vast improvement The looks, menu and features are far superior to the old phone, but unfortunatly some of the downsides haven't been addressed. Music playing software is present and works really well, the outside camera is good and has the benefit of a light for when things are a bit dark, the inside camera is less usable due to it's lower resolution. Downloading filmclips, music or football is easy via 3's website, shame you cant visit other sites! The battery life is still poor and rather than remedy this NEC have supplied a large battery, its ugly, and heavy. Bluetooth makes it's debut here but is no use for sending business cards or pictures as it only recognises headsets! The software in the V version of this phone seems to have been sorted as crashes are very very rare, but unfortunately the 3 network is still as bad as ever. I live in a strong signal area so dont suffer the signal dropout that others have experienced, but you need to check before you buy! Overall a good phone with tons of features, but it's useability is restricted by battery life.
The 3 tariff system is very confusing and is only suitable for heavy users as they steal any remaining credit back after 30 days, so use it or lose it!!

A good phone if your looking for good camera quality, with videos and MP3 player but if your consistently on the phone this is a bad choice for you because of the disgraceful battery life.

Overall - 7/10

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