I got a i285 this past week. it is about the same size as a i730 when it is closed.

Its actaully a Boost phone but my friend unlocked it so it can work with my Nextel.

Any Nextel store would do the same for you though.

This is a dope ass phone especially if you dont like flip phones.

I got it for about a hundred bucks and it came with an extra face plate and keypad.

The user interface is the same as most Nextels The menu is a bit different though.

The loud speaker and ear piece are pertty much what you would expect from Nextel (loud as f-)

The color screen is prolly the weakest thing about the phone, but its not even that bad. it supports real pics and wallalpers and stuff.

The coolest part is the rear battery door. its on a hinge and the door swings open when you press the latch forward.

Same charger as the i730, i830 etc.

its comes preloaded with a few ringtones and wallpapers. there are some pretty funny ones, like the lady yelling "cant you hear the phone ringing?"

or "ooohhh papi..."

I wonder how come nextel didnt wanna release this themsevles as a cool entry level phone?

I love it!
It has all the features that you can get on most nextels phones plus it suports wav ringtones.



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