I actually work for a cell phone company and always out to try lastest and greatest so what can I say about this phone:
Pros: Speaker Phone, good size buttons and large text, good recption, and a unique feature called a driving mode. And full poly ringtones with words
What attracted me to the 5550 was the driving mode. The driving mode is very awesome feature it allows you to hit a side key on the phone and say a command like Digit dial and say your 10 digit number and it calls it for you or say redial or voicemail or contacts the whole point of the feature is to have hands free driving without the a ear bud. If you turn the driving mode on while driving and clip the phone to your sun viser when you have a incoming call it will tell you who is calling and if you want to connect and you can just say yes to talk or no to ignore if you say yes the phone turns on speaker phone on for you and you never have to touch the phone. The phone also is able to support full poly ringtones I have some great ringers on mine ones with actual words
Cons: When this phone came out it appeared to be another great phone made by lg I mean of course when a new phone comes out there are little corks with the phone well when this one was released there were software problems with it that caused little things like the screen flipping backwards ear piece cutting out where the speaker phone is the only way to hear the person on the other line well the problem was finally big enough where they were recalled by lg well I bought one after the recall and they were "fixed" and had it 2 days and it just quit working wouldn't turn back on well lg replaced my phone but my recption stinks on the replacement phone that they gave me and the ear piece occasionly cuts out. This is the only Lg that I have seen that has had problems and lg has released ALOT of phones so I would own another lg just maybe not this one. The software problem suposedly only effect 10% of phones released

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