Amazing Bluetooth connectivity is what prompted this review.

Overall I will say its a great phone. Battery life seems above average, too early to tell. Coming from a non-Motorola phone, it took some adjustment but I am finally starting to love this phone.

-Each call in the log shows the duration of that call - very cool
-Clear sharp display
-Customization of icon order, and shortcuts
-For checking vmail, with DTMF off you can type in a string of numbers and send the whole string with one command

-Just the volume buttons on the side.. seems easy to push - not an issue except for the noise (it just alternates what is displayed on the outside.)
-Also related to the vol buttons on the side: Need these to be able to be silent - even when preparing to set the phone in a silent mode (seems like I am guessing if a sound will come out of the phone or not, not helpful if in a quiet area.)
-The manual needs to be better. So many features I figured out on my own, not to mention the feature letting this phone rise high above the rest - bluetooth.

OK now the whole point of writing any of this.. Bluetooth support & implementation is stellar.

That is, bluetooth with your PC.

When I heard MP3 support, I immediately recognized this series as my solution of just wanting a simple regular ring. Too bad the sales people said I would need a data cable & special software which does not yet support this model.

Enter bluetooth.

Your PC will support bluetooth with a simple USB adapter avail. at most retail places.

Once installed and I enabled bluetooth on the phone. The phone shows up on the PC as a device, you click it and you get 3 folders - Audio, Pictures, and Video.

Voila - all your camera pics can be copied to your computer. I have been touching them up in photo apps, and sending back to the phone as nice wallpaper.

Copy MP3 segments (96khz mono works great) into it, works great!

With a WAV editor, any sound is now a ring.

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