After 1 week, I thought I would share my thoughts on the Sprint Nokia 6225 phone:

Screen- Doesnt have the stellar colors like the Toshiba 4050 or even the Sanyo 5500- the Nokia screen is not as crisp and amazing but it does the job.

Features- This phone has everything except Sprint's new Ready Link service. It has a camera {no flash}, radio, vision capabilities, infrared port and speakerphone...So this phone has all the necessary features. The speakerphone is the best Ive experienced including the Toshiba 4050 and the Sanyo 5500.

Reception- This one is a solid performer when it comes to clear connections. Ive dropped only one call and that was in a very very weak area. By the way this phones has an internal antenna. I dont care about debug menus- this phone as been excellent when it comes to reception.

Customization- Well thats easy it is a Nokia so you know you can find the accessories from the local mall to the flea market...I love to coordinate!!!!Voice Ringtones are a little low- also to get voice ringtones the phone may require a software update.

Build- This phone is very small and reminds me of my Nokia 8290 but a little bigger. It is very light and compact. The feel is solid and if dropped you dont have to worry about scratches just buy another faceplate.

Battery Life- Well if I can find a con to this phone ...this is it. The battery on this phone doesnt last me the whole day. I do have a charger but hey this is a review so I hope Nokia releases an extended battery for this phone.

Overall- This phone is easy one of my favorites. I like the features, the ability to customize and lastly the reception. As a phone junkie I would recommend this phone to a teenager to a techie.....It has something for everyone....As a new activation on a 2 year it is FREE as an upgrade it is $229.99. Although it may not have all the BLING BLING as the new MM line phones at Sprint it is definate must have for someone who wants a good solid phone for free...

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