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    Here is my review on the ever popular Sanyo 8200 for Sprint service. Available for free as a promo at Sprint with a new sign up of service.

    1. Reception - 7/10... Pretty good as I expect from Sanyo. I set mine to Sprint only and never roam...I do live in the Bay Area where coverage is pretty good.

    2. LCDs. - 8/10... look pretty sharp, like any other Sanyo I guess. I like how they fixed the external display to display the state (Match Area Code feature) above the phone number, and how the number doesn't scroll across the bottom.

    3. Features - 8/10... . Camera is okay, Pictures look good, bleached out a lil to me. FINALLY an alarm clock is implemented but just goes off and that's it. Still no weekday option for alarm setting.

    4. Menus - 9/10... laid out in typical Sanyo style. It's the list style... don't really like the font much but it's good. I kinda perferred the icon layout of the 5500 but the list is just as functional.

    5. Earpiece - 7/10... Not a big improvement here so if you dont previous Sanyo earpieces you wont like this one.

    6. Ringers - 8/10... Typical Sanyo standard ringers, downloaded sound good as well. The qcp ringers seem to be louder on the 8200 compared to the 5500

    7. Battery Life - 9/10... Very good if you dont have Readylink enabled. If you do have it and use a car charger.

    8. Speakerphone - 8/10... Half-duplex but loud and clear.

    Improvements over 5500
    Ringer volumes (new Level 1+Vibrate, 1 Beep options)
    External screen formatting
    Alarm Clock
    Color Schemes available: Red, Blue, Silver and Green.

    Overall I like this phone. I have the 7400 which is even better but more expensive. The 8200 is free right now on a Sprint promo so it is definately a much get at a free price tag.

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    I really like how the 8200 comes in many colors. I perfer the red myself
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