I bought this phone for $80 with the Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go Plan. This means no contract, just pay by the minute.

First the Good:
Nice foldable flip feature so that it takes up less space and also you dont accidentally dial numbers while the phone is in your pocket.

Lightweight and Small.

Choose from a number of different backlight colors.

The keypad lights when you press a button.

Intelligent text mode chooses the right words most of the time.

Good and loud with adjustable volume, even a speakerphone setting.

Reception seems decent, although this probably depends more on the provider.

Check your balance anytime for free.

Etiquette mode.

The Bad:
These LCD screens are very prone to failure! I have already had this phone replaced once because of a broken LCD screen and now this one has broken too! It should be designed better to protect against various possible situations.

No Games.

All the ringtones are horrible, but Virgin has a lot to choose from if you dont mind paying.

No Data cable support.

If you break your LCD screen, and the rest of the phone works fine, there is still no way to recover your contacts.

There is no way to shut off the annoying intro and closing noise when you turn your phone on/off.

Overall, this phone is not worth the money.


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