I've had this phone for little over a year. So far the only thing I can complain about would be the reception. I would be in an area getting 1 bar, and a friend next to me have 3-4. Other then that, the phone is a good "Bang-for-your-buck". Being one of the cheaper color-screen phones, it has plenty to offer.

High definition graphical colour display

Caribeaner-style sport clip included, great to just clip on your belt-loop and go!

A keypad-activated built-in super-white flashlight (you don't know how handy it is until you need it!!!)

Really nice bright-blue keypad.

Size being about 5x2x3/4 inch, it is quite small for a non-flip phone.

For the money, you will be hard-pressed to find a better phone. IMO

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