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    Although this is not the most recent Phone, it's still a classic... With a menu that speaks for itself, polyphonic ringtones, a crystal clear 8 bit color screen, a built-in radio and a stylish design this phone will continue to be able to compete with the very best for some time to come...

    Of course it hasn't all the technical details of the newer phones such as UMTS, Camera's (Although there is the 6610i, which has a built in camera), Real Music Ringtones etcetera, but how important are those options really for people who just want to have a cool looking phone with some cool features but nothing too outrageous. Besides, the fact that it's not the newest Nokia and therefore a lot cheaper than the newer ones is a simple fact that shouldn't be overseen.

    Just take a look at this little miracle... To me there's hardly anything more appealing in the form of a cellphone.

    For the ones that are a little more interested in some of the specifications for this phone, here they are;

    - High-resolution color display: 128 x 128 pixels, up to 4,096 colors
    - Stereo FM radio (headset required)
    - Weight: 2.96 ounces (About 84 Grams)
    - 4.17 inches long x 1.77 inches wide x 0.69 inch thick
    - Digital Talk Time up to 5 hours (Using Standard Battery)
    - Digital Standby Time up to 12 days (Using Standard Battery)

    And those are just SOME of the specs for this phone...

    See More: Nokia 6610 Review
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