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    Okay here I go again buying another phone...Background I have used the Sanyo 5500, Toshiba 4050, Sanyo 8200, Treo 600, Nokia 6225 and the Sanyo 7400 in the last year.

    Screen: I love the screen. It is a little smaller than the Toshiba 4050 and in my opinion is is noticeable. Coming directly from the Sanyo is defiantely an improvement. One screensaver that I loved on the 4050 looked subpar on the 7400 and now on the 5600 it is H-O-T. Rate 9

    Feel and Looks: This phone feels well made and looks very professional. The front of the phone has a dark chrome border accent around the external speaker and screen-Very classy and definately screams FLAGSHIP phone. Again coming from the Sanyo 7400 I didnt realize my phone although it did match my outfits it did NOT look professional in my business suits. The 5600 looks the part so a CEO, manager, etc could wear it on their belt with pride. Original pictures made this phone look very ugly in my opinion....Not in person....However it is a bigger phone but slim for its feature set. 8.75

    Reception: Great so far no dropped calls...About 300 minutes on timer. 8.5

    Ringer: This phone supports AAC ringers and they sound awesome. I haven't noticed a difference between the ringers on my 7400 or the 5600. They are both clear sounding but memory hogs. 8

    Earpiece: SUBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE. This phone is clear compared to all other Sanyos I have owned. I would give say the 7400 is good but the 5600 is better. I tested the phone with my mother and she sounded very good. 8

    Camera: I dont take very many pictures but when I do I want them to be good. The 5600 is very good but in a low light setting it struggles. It is an improvement over other phones I have used and it is a CELLPHONE first. 7

    Menu: The icons are crisp and adult like not like Samsungs that sometimes reminds me of a toy. Very professional but no wow factor. 8

    Browser: Vision is sooo fast on this phone to me. Didnt compare it to the 7400 side by side but it seems just as fast if not faster. 8

    Others: Media player is good and the ability to use this phone as a mp3 player sold me on it. The phone has excellent sound quality coming from the external speaker. I was very impressed with the overall feature set of this phone. 8

    Overall: I really like the 5600. It is expensive at a price tag of $429.99 without a rebate. For someone who doesnt have all the other gadgets individually like an ipod, digital camera and a high end cellphone I would say this is the phone for you. For people with the 7400 I would say this phone although an upgrade still sacrifices some of the features that makes the 7400 unique: ie faceplates, and duragrips. Again coming from the 7400 I like the additional features but then again I added a line and got it for $318. So overall this phone is a strong 8.5....

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    If you want a Great Sprint phone go get yourself a SANYO 5600...The hotness!!!

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