OK so this isnt the best phone but its not that bad, its a great phone for first cell people espiecally,

Look: This phone look greatm nice sleek silver color with a metallic silver camera lens, the volume and camera buttoms dont stick out so you wont notice them while talking, the antenna is short also which is great for me. Its a nice and small phone but there are some dis-advantages. The screen isnt to big and is a little fuzzy, but its no big deal because the text is large and clear so its still perfectly visible.

VGA Camera: The camera takes OK pictures. They are fuzzy and a little dark(no flash ) the camera has a nice look on hte outside of the phone though. There is a VGA 4x zoom which comes in handy. But hey if you want a perfect camera. Buy one.

Phone Quality: It feels like a toy. I mean if you tap the phone you can feel the flip spring vibrate, alot of times im walking and I think someone has called because of i tapped the phone and it vibrates. Also it vibrates when you close the phone. The phone has held together thought and is pretty tough. The ouer LCD area gets a little scrathed easily but its no big deal.

ETC.: The charger and everything work find, its a normal round charger plug like cd headphones have. It doesnt come with the earpiece (or atleast from where I got it it don't)

Features: It has great features. Camera, Voice Dialing, Phone Book, even a ring tone maker called Moto Mixer. It has plenty of buyable excessories, faceplates, etc...It is also MP3, Super Tone compatible

Overall: The phone is a good intro phone. not the best but not to bad, I personally love this new phone. Everything has worked fine so far, and for the low price its great, I mean what do you expect for a cheap phone

begginer cell users: 7/10
intermediate cell users:5/10
advancedd users: 2/10
its good for the new user

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