Nokia 3200 series

the nokia 3200 for gsm carriers(offered by cingular) is a moderate phone with some interesting look and some hand features. Currently the phone is no longer sold by any gsm provider but can be purchesed at nokiaua for US$159.99 . the nokia features include: polyphonic ringtones, a decent camera (352x288) (although the amount of pixels may be small, Ive seen better pictures from this then other vga and 1.3MP camera phones), GPRS (at 43.2 kbps), IRDA, FM radio, Custom made skins, Inegrated flashlight,voice recorder(saved in amr form and can be used as ringtone) and more.

The phone has the common features of txt messages as well as IM and MMS. The phone also includes a good calander function with useful features as well as an alarm clock and calculator. The phone comes with 3 game :Virtual Me, Bounce, NCAA Foootball. The toral amount of memory on the phone 1.1MB. For internet the phone has a XHTML browser.

Weight: 3.17 ounces
4.23 inches long x 1.77 inches wide x0.81 inch thick

GSM 850/1800/1900 MHz

3200 Rated Battery Life
Extended Li-Ion Battery 780 mAh
Digital Talk Time up to 4 hours
Digital Standby Time up to 12 days

Actual battery life was close to that listed above while battery is new, after a few months the performance was probly 3/4 or 1/2 as good.

new battery cost US$44.95

cons: low resulotion screen( slightly lower then the camera, best to transfer your pictures to a computer)

No bluetooth built in, but bluetooth adapter is avalible for US$49.99

Radio and phone only works with propritery headset not regular headphones

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