If you don't need a PDA then this is the phone to get! Although it does have PDA functionality it isn't nearly as robust as your Blackberries, Palm phones or Windows CE phones.

Having said that, this phone does everything else you could want and does it with style. Have had it for a week now and EVERYONE that sees it is impressed, even women who don't normally give a flip about new tech.

I've been waiting for several months now to find that one phone that puts everything together and makes it click (no pun intended). It's a great phone, an awesome camera and a decent mp3 player to boot.

To summ it up . . .

+ Huge, brilliant screen
+ Great camera, good as any entry level digital (flash could double as a flashlight)
+ Good phone functionality with intuitive OS
+ Excellent external speaker makes mp3s and ringers sound great - take that I-pod!
+ Cool features like mp3s, music dj, recorder and camera mean never having to pay for ringers, wallpapers, etc again!
+ Bluetooth+IR+expandable memory+EDGE = cutting edge connectivity
+ Super sleek styling and form factor

- Tactilely weak keypad
- OS on the laggy side
- Using many functions devours battery life
- Weird proprietary Sony headphone jack
- Included stereo ear buds too big (I think) for most ears
- A wee bit thick, but just think of what's packed in there
- Can't use other features while listening to mp3s

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