First off let me say that this is my first flippy phone I've ever had. . .on top of that its my first camera phone too.

Size - AWESOME size that will fit in ANY pocket. . .men or women, however, it doesn't feel like its so small that you'd ever use it. One thing I do have a problem with is that I forget which pocket I put it in and its so light that sometimes I can't find it right away. On the same note, its sure nice that its light, you can talk for awhile.

Display(s) - The front display is small and the backlight does not stay on long. It took me awhile to realize that if you hold the up/down button on the side you cna get the backlight to come back on, and the clock is useful then. . .however, even in daylight, its impossible to see without the backlight. The inside display is AMAZING!! You WILL have awesome pics on your phone background and they are simply stunning with color! It also has a nice feature that you cna have the picture of the person calling on the front display when they call. Definately nice!

Camera - Has a flash and you need it for CLOSE pictures. . .however, anything more than 2-3 feet and its useless. Also, you need to stay VERY still as the one holding the camera or your pic will be blurry. . .takes some getting used to. If you do all that, your pic will be NICE.

Video - Kinda crappy, but what do you expect from your PHONE. It's not a video camera so don't use it for your child's birth. However, if you're in the backcountry skiing, it might just be perfect for getting your friend hucking himself off a cliff .

Overall - I'm VERY impressed with EVERYTHING this phone has to offer. . .but rmemeber, its a phone, not a video recorder or camera. . .it is nice to have on the phone though!

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