This was my first phone, got it with a Verizon plan. Now let me say, it was great for the first 6 months, but after half a year it started having all kinds of issues. I highly suggest not to buy this phone. So far, 6 months into having the phone, the UI slows down to nothing, texting is slow and it takes seconds for the letter to appear after you hit it. Sometimes after I charge the battery for a whole day and a whole night, it goes to low battery on the FIRST call I make! Then if you do anything else worth using it usually dies. So you can take the battery out and put it back in, and the battery life will be at around half power. What? Yeah, exactly. The screen also flickers on and off sometimes. Wallpaper/Ringers I don't use, but cost a ton of money for some reason. I mean, I'd love it if when I'm sitting in a room with exec's and Snoop Doggs "Drop it Like It's Hot" midi-style just comes on. Anyway, here's the pros and cons.

Pro's +
Small and Lightweight
Not Much Else

Con's -
Phone pretty much breaks after half a year. (Doesn't charge, screen flickers, UI slows down, can't place calls, low battery 24/7.)
Screen is too small, cluttered with words.
Scratches Easily (The top of mine looks like crap.)
No Camera, No Bluetooth, etc..
Not even CLOSE to features it should have come with for the price!!

I wish I would have researched phones for Verizon before I picked this guy up, but it's not like the other phones from Verizon are very good anyway.

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