Im from New Zealand and im not sure if this fone is big in other parts of the country but in here it totally is. I absolutely love this fone. I would DEFINATELY give this fone a rating of 10/10.
Its a Sharp GX30 flip phone. The quality of the pictures you can take with the fone is absolutely incredible. My most favourite feature has to be the memory card.
Along with the standard handset memory that you get, you also get a 8MB memory card along with it IN THE FONE to allow for more space to store more pictures, ringtones and games, and save more sms or mms msgs than normal. You can also purchase a higher memory card if you use the MP3 player like i do as they take up more memory. I have a 128MB memory card and for those who don't know how big that is...TRUST ME it's seriously HUGE!!!! It also has some of the most amazing features all in this 1 fone.
Some pros and cons are:

Stylish sleek desgin.
intergrated camera
Video capable messaging.<-- LUV IT!!!
Infrared Capable
MP3 Player
Best quality colour screen 1GB!!!
External Screen
Memory card access.
Headset capable

Bluetooth only applies for headset or carkits
Infrared only applies for modem only
battery power can be used up quickly if your taking lots of photos for long periods or if playing ringtones constantly (like me hehe)

All in all i would definately recommend this phone. Its my life and carries everything i need. Definately mad props and 10/10 kinda fone.

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