Pros: Very cheap, great phone, can easy add ringtones and wallpapers via usb cable, pretty lightweight

Cons: Mostly everyone got it, none of the additional plates looks nice or matches with the phone

My opinion: I like this phone alot because its really simple to use, and has all of the features I really need and some I dont even use. The best thing about this phone is the usb jack, which allowed me to put about 150 ringtones on my phone for free, and I dont ever have to go on the internet!

First the Pros: The phone is cheap, depending on the service you could probablly get it for free. Its a great phone, all the standard utilities, and some extra like AIM, which many people love to use. It has a usb jack that allows you to plug the phone into your computer and put ringtones and wallpapers in it, and you could pick the usb cable up at Wal-Mart or Staples for about $10. Its a lightweight phone, small and compact, so its not like your carrying around a house phone like some older models. Most of the time I dont even feel it in my pocket, thats how light it is.

Now the Cons: Most every single person I know has this phone, so it doesnt make it seem very special. When you have a phone you want it to be unique..well thats not possible with this phone, because everywhere you look someone will have this phone. Also, the plates of the front and back of the phone dont match the colors of the phone, unless you change EVERYTHING on the phone, which is kinda I just stick to the silver and blue look.

The Bottom Line: Get this phone if your just starting to have a cell phone, its very good and worth while. If you just want a cell phone, get this, but if you want that unique and hottest phone, your going to be paying big bucks for sometimes like RAZR V3...which is like $500. So this is your best bet if you have a low budget and want a cell phone

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