okay first the good part about the phone

pro: looks nice
-expandable memory
-mp3 playing capability
-no external antenna
-Windows CE operating system
-voice recognition (really cool)
-bluetooth and Infrared

okay now for the bad news. This phone is really not worth it let me tell you. First of all the speakerphone is useless. You have to hold it next to your ear to hear. People complained about not hearing me very well, the same people who can hear me fine when i'm using my Sony Ericsson. The camera is pathetic. Its dark and like the way it comes up isn't good either. I don't get it because its supposed to be 1.23 mp. I'd rather get a V600 over this phone. The camera on V600 is way better than this phone. What is Motorola thinking--don't they get people to test these phones out?? Browsing through contacts is different than other phones. I still haven't figured that out.

I mean it has tons and tons of features a smartphone would have but it fails in basic functionality. The battery life is not that impressive either. The external ID displays useless information and its color, which you think is good, but it isn't because it goes into standby and you have to press the side volume keys if you want to check the time or how strong the signal strength is. In normal mode the phone is really not loud at all. I missed alot of calls and had to put it in 'outdoor' mode. The vibrate is good though. I couldn't hear very loudly and I have to press it really hard to my ear. I haven't used a bluetooth headset but the bluetooth is good for transferring files. The video recording and playback quality are pretty bad and the sound again is feeble.

Basically I don't see what the hype is about. It failed me in the two things I really look for. Sound quality and camera. Maybe it might be for you if your into IM and emailing and the internet funtions.

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