Siemens C65

I use to hate Siemens phones. My last one was an A56. It was too small, mono lcd, crappy ringtones, and volume wasn't loud enough. After using the C65 for a couple of weeks, my impression has changed. It's not a bad phone. Especially for the features you get for the price.

CIF Camera, sound recorder, 40-note poly MIDI ringtones, .AMR, .WAV ringtones, 130x130 LCD, MIDP 2.0 Java apps/games, infrared port, 10MB memory, speaker phone.

I was really impressed with the C65's screen. It is a crisp 130x130 LCD screen. Games, and pictures I upload to it look stunning.

A candy bar style phone. Not too girly looking and just the right size for my clumpsy hands.

My previous phones were Nokia's, so it was a bit hard to get use to. But after a while it's grown on me. The icons looks like a 8 year old drew it but that's a minor issue.

It's a neat feature but the pictures don't look that great. at 352x288, they're good for taking pictures and sending off over MMS, but not really good enough for anything else. I use it to take pics of clothes I plan to buy and mms it to my GF for an opinion

As you can see from this picture, indoor pics without lighting isn't that great.
The outdoor pics are bad though

Nice screen
lots of features for a great price
MIDI tones sound good
10MB memory storage.
infrared port - no longer need a cable to send ringtones
speakerphone - the option i use the most

Camera is not that great
Icons for menus look childish
Battery cover hard to get off
Battery doesn't last that long. But I'm not sure if it's because I use it more nowadays. Since the games are so nice looking I find myself playing Worms and Pacman a lot. So maybe that's why I have to charge it every night.

Great phone for a great price. I got it as a gift and am really impressed with Siemens now.

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