Audiovox has come up with a stylish, fun, easy to use phone. The 8910 has many capabilities such as the following:

SMS: So you can send text messages to friend in an instant
MMS: Enables you to send multimedia messages to another cellphone, or to an email address.

It holds up to 300 entries and each entry can hold: cell number, home number, work number, fax, email address, and wireless address. You can personalize each entry with ringtones and pictures.

The phone is able to open your carriers catalog to purchase applications. You can download games, ringtones, wallpapers, information, and others.
All applications downloaded will be stored in the 3.7mb memory.

In order to personalize the phone you must access the settings and change the default preferences. The phone already contains 1 wallpaper and 3 default backgrounds for wallpapers. It has 10 music bells, 5 ring tones, plus all the ringtones you can download to the phone.

Useful tools
The phone has a voice recorder that can record up to 60 seconds of talk time. It has voice activated dialing, that is useful while driving.
Calendar: It has a monthly calendar that can record special events.
World Clock: You can see the time in different major cities of the world. (Not adjusted to daylight savings time)
Calculator: Basic functioning, multiply, add, subtract and divide.
Alarm: It has 3 alarms that can be programmed once, daily or monthly.
Stopwatch: Can record up to 6 times, but you can't save them.

Spearker and Camera
The speaker is not that good on this phone unless you are up close to it. Preloaded ringtones sound great but the downloaded ringtones sound very bad.
The camera can store 100 pictures in the 160x120 mode, 60 in the 320x240 mode, and 40 in the VGA640x480 mode.
The camera automatically adjusts to light and it also has flash. You can adjust the image effects, brightness, shutter sounds, quality, and add fun frames.

The 8910 is an easy to use cellphone, user friendly and highly customizable. Anyone who is looking for a fun and useful phone should get the Audiovox cdm8910, also known as the PM-8912 and Flasher V7.

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