I give you...the NECa232!

Purchased:SunCom Retailer
Included Accessories:Lithium ion polymer battery, Compact wall charger, Earbud headset

40 notes polyphonic ringtones
pocket sized
300,000 pixel vga camera capabilities[including a flash and 10 second timer]
PC Sync through the usb port[a mini one] on the side of the phone
Voice dialing
Voice Recording
WAP enabled browser

not mp3 capable
Also, there don't appear to be many accessories out for this phone yet. The official NEC website doesn't help either.
Battery Life (A full charge doesn't last over 24 hours. Maybe I'm the only person that finds that upsetting, seeing as how my last [Nokia] phone could hold a full charge for days.)
No games are pre-loaded, nor can they be downloaded
Everyone seems to have it (Then again, that could just be me again)

This is my third phone...Overall this is a pretty good phone(I'd rather have one than not have one at all), despite the fact that the battery life is short at times, it does what it's supposed to and fulfills it's main purpose; as a cellular phone.

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