After the mediocre experience of the 525, i was a little unsure of whether i should try the 535 out. But i decided that i would go ahead and try it. Im glad i did. The external appearance of the phone has a very sophisticated look. One thing that i always liked about the 525/and now 535 is the 2nd LCD screen on the front which acts as a viewfinder when the camera is in use. Upon opening the clamshell phone, you can see the oversized screen (at 2.2in its pretty large which is good), and the keypad with the d-pad, 2 softkeys, menu button, and phonebook. The phone comes preloaded with 3 games: aquax, 3d golf, and pinball. Of course if you want more, you can go to and download some to your phone. The menu is relatively easy to navigate around with. It has a large phone book at 500 entries which is another plus. Another thing that is better than the 525 is that i noticed the speakerphone is much louder. The camera is a step up from the 525. It gets rid of that annoying red tint that the 525 always had. It also adds a flash to the camer so it is easier to take pictures in the dark. And one new thing that the 535 has is the video camera. It allows from 10 to 30 seconds of recording. The phone comes preloaded with 20 ringtones and 3 alerts. THe ringtones are better in general than the 525 (i mean is has james bond). It has a calculator, alarm, todo list, schedule planner, basically everthing you'd expect to be in a cell phone.
1)big, clear screen
2)2nd LCD screen
3)1.3 megapixel camera/video recorder
4)navigable menu interface
5)louder speaker phone w/good ringers
6)lots of extras

1)its rather bulky
2)they keypad buttons are kind of small (nothing that i couldnt deal with though)
3)no mp3 support

Hope you enjoy!

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