I bought the Kyocera KX2 in late November on its release date from . The phone was delivered quickly and efficiently - for free. I had looked forward to buying it even since I saw it on the news. The phone itslef is incredibly sturdy and well-built, although it is a little on the big size. The screen is large and easy to read and the menus are easy to navigate. Some reviews mentioned that it was rediculous that the phone did not have Bluetooth - there is only one Verizon phone currently with bluetooth, maybe Bluetooth is not a Verizon-friendly concept. The battery life is a litle short, but that is expected with a screen so large. The antenna is retractable which is useful when it is on the Anaglog (AMPS) network - the antenna helps improve call quality (surprisingly ) . The phone has never acted up, and apparently to this date, Kyocera has not been obligated to release a software update which is good compared to the instant software update necessary for the SE47. If the phone is taken care of, it may last a very long time.

Camera Phone - 1.2 Megapixel (Great quality pics!)
New Menu View - access your phone quickly
Fast Processing - get things done promptly
Mobile Web 2.0 - Browse the Moblie Web with a new friendly interface
16MB Memory - store up to 40 full-size pictures
Get It NOW - download cool applications
CDMA Tri-Mode - compatible with every Verizon network

Large size - not pocket-friendly (for some pockets)
Flash on camera is inefficient - night photos are impossible
Get It NOW costs lots of $$$ - downloading is costly

Overral, I would give this phone an A-, whisc is among the best out there. It is one of the best phones that I have ever worked with.

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