This is my first Camera phone and overall I'm pleased

Reception: I live out in the country and don't always get the greatest reception. This phone gets better reception than any flip phone I have used, but still not as good as some of the other phones.

Size:The phone size is great. It is small enough that I can carry it around in my jean's pocket all the time

Design: The only complaint I really have is that the volume can be changed and pictures can be taken by accident because the controls are on the outside of the phone and they get hit in my pocket. The front screen is a pretty nice size and I love that I get photo caller ID on the screen.

Camera:I have gotten some good pictures with this phone but keep in mind you do have to be pretty close and even with the "night function" It doesn't take great pictures when it is dark.

Overall: I would recommend this phone. It has an attractive design and works well. For a midrange phone I was pleased by how well the camera function worked.

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