I had this phone very recently until I jumped into a pool and forgot it was in my pocket

It Is a small flip phone with a navy colored faceplate.

Color- Though most are today, it has a colored LCD display
Cheap- It is one of the cheaper flip phones verizon has to offer
TXT capable- You can send and receive texts
Speakerphone Built in
Easy to use- It takes very little time to learn most everything about this phone
Voice Memo- With this phone you can set Voice recordings to ringers ( I had my mom talking for when she called etc. )


Common- Many people have it, so it is nothing special (at least where I live)
No Camera or Pix Messaging
No external caller ID or place to display time
Didn't come with Get It Now- On the box it says downloadable ringtones but you aren't able to get on the internet or anything from what I was able to figure out and no websites were compatible with it THAT I FOUND
Space- My message box only help 50 outgoing and 50 incoming messages altogether, but im not sure how many people i could hold in my phonebook


This phone would be best for people who only need a phone for basic things. If you only need a phone to check-in with people or in case of an emergency this would be a good phone. If you would like to have more options and have a "cool, decked-out" phone, this would not be my top choice. This would also be good for anyone who is on a budget and needs to save some money.

Hope this helps people out!

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