The Samsung e315 really is a great phone. Its small and sleek, feature-loaded and modern, light and durable.

First lets start with the design and build. The designers over at Samsung have done a good job with this phone. It has a great design on the outside with its flip phone design, its multicolored status light and small but vibrant exterior screen. This phone will be great for talking on the phone, and catching eyes while doing it. Although the phone is very light and small, it feels sturdy and likely to last through some falls.

Lets go on to the screen. The screen on this phone is not a humongous size but the size is good. It is vibrant and colorful. Pictures display great on it. The menus are colorful and show off the screens crispness.

Time to look at the camera and video recorder applications. The camera takes good pictures and they display wonderfully on the vibrant screen. You can choose from a couple of Fun Frames, change brightness, zoom, and add effects such as different color schemes like gray and sepia. It has night shot, multishot and rotation options. The one annoying thing about the camera is that there isn't an option to turn off the loud Shutter Sound. The video camera isn't very great. Its slow and pixelated. Take the real camcorder to the family trip.

Reception and call quality...My previous Motorola v300 got pretty good reception. The Samsung e315 gets better. In places where I had 3-4 bars with the Motorola, I had 5-6 with the Samsung. The call quality is clear but when you have 1-2 bars, it cuts out terribly. It dropped calls in my father's house but it doesn't have anything to do with the phone. My dad's house has horrible reception for any provider. Anyway, the phone has good reception and call quality is great.

The battery life on this phone isn't too great. My previous Motorola could have doubled and almost tripled it. Its great for someone who doesn't use it non-stop like I do.

This phone has a good amount of organizer type features that most phones have nowadays. Calculator, datebook, voice recorder, alarm and things of the type. It plays polyphonic ringtones. I could not download games for some reason. Games from any site other than the T-Mobile download site did not work. Hmmmm.

This phone supports SMS and MMS messaging. Send and recieve text, pictures, videos, and sound. Pretty cool.

This phone has basing settings options. One of the weird things that I noticed about this phone was that you can set it up to where it makes a sound whenever you open or close it. Pretty annoying. The sounds are loud and not necessary but they can be a cool little feature. Control wallpapers, sounds, and things of the type.

This phone suppots AIM instant messaging. Sign on and keep in touch with this tiny phone. You can select your network or have the phone do it automatically. As with most phones, check your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Also check your call times.

This phone is a great buy. It is feature loaded and very compact. I enjoy this phone and it is great for the casual on-the-go talker.

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