Just got this phone. Cheap and has a tone of features.

The e525 demonstrates NEC's ability to deliver stylish and user-friendly handsets with its integrated 100K pixel camera and Yamaha chipset. Ideal as a communication tool, the handset enables users to share special moments with friends and family by taking high quality pictures. The handset offers a choice of three picture formats - full colour, black and white and sepia, as well as six different 'frames' in which photographs can be displayed. The camera's self-timing device enables users to appear in their own pictures, which can be taken in any environment; daylight or evening, indoors or outdoors.

Key to the silver handset's appeal is that it supports MMS. Users can personalise their own photographs with text and sounds before sending them on to friends. Further enjoyment is provided by the facility to download pictures from the Internet in a simple and user-friendly manner.

In response to current demand, the e525 boasts two colour displays. The 16-bit main display, impressively large at 2.2 inches, is ideal for today's discerning customer, featuring 65,536 colours. The second screen, found on the handset's top fold, is equipped with 4,096 colours and can be easily customised according the owner's desires. Set as a clock it is a useful tool, while when programmed to display the caller's identity, the handset will prove not only attractive but also entertaining. Alternatively the user can choose from a range of wallpapers.

A picture phonebook comes as standard in the e525 - a creative way of allocating pictures as well as ring tones to a specific number if so desired. Users will never be left guessing as to the identity of the caller because the handset's outer display will clearly show the corresponding picture.

One of the handset's most impressive features is its 40 channel polyphonic ringer, which plays up to 23 high-quality ring tunes. Each of the channels can be programmed to a specific instrument, providing depth and richness that will not go unnoticed.

Developed based on expertise in Japan and Europe, the handset supports WAP, delivering advanced mobile Internet such as browsing the Internet, downloading the newest applications to the handset. The e525 provides complete mobility and its copious memory allows for a variety of downloads, an increasingly popular feature in the growing mobile market.

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