I have recently purchased the LG C2000 from cingular, earlier this week to be more exact. The phone wasn't even on display, but the guy asked what kinds a phones I like and sure enough he came out with it and I was happy. So he popped in my sim card, got my numbers in, and here we are. I got home and e-mailed some graphics to [email protected] which sends the graphics as a multimedia message with cingular. For my needs the phone is a perfect 10, but for some more technical people maybe and 8-9.

-The screen looks awesome (128x160 pixels).
-The phone is around $60 or $70 after rebate, which is a lot better than $200 if you ask me.
-Mp3 Ringers
-Color exterior display (see cons)
-Nice Little Camera
-Has calander, alarm clock, calculator, all that basic stuff
-Instant messanging with Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and CW(dno this one)
-Supports Java for excellent gaming (well as good as it get for phones)
-Photo caller ID
-Voice dial (didn't set this one up yet)
-Caller groups with individual ringers (gotta have it)
-Battery life as far as im concered is excellent (I recharged it once when I got it and its still goin strong)
-I just think the overall graphics are pretty hot

-No way that I know of to change the exterior display
-Kinda tricky figuring out how to get ringtones (mp3) to you phone without the phone changing it to an .amr file
-No flash for the camera and zoom is tricky
-Not a big deal, but can't change the banner on your wallpaper
-None other that I can think of

I'll be sure to update as I explore this phone further. Thinking of buying it? PM me with questions and I'll try to answer them as best as I can.

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