I really like this phone. Coming from the Samsung VGA1000, this is an incredible improvement! The antennae doesn't feel like it's going to break off and picks up better reception than most of the phones I've had the chance to play with. Opening the phone feels tight and hasn't loosened even after some heavy use. The readylink noise is a bit annoying, but that's only if you use it. Personally, I'm not going to pay the $10 to broadcast my conversations to everyone around me. I love the big, crisp LCDs! Downloaded pictures look wonderful, even with some extra compression. With sixteen ringers and ten screen savers, I still have 500Kb left, although I did delete all the games and programs that came with the phone and put a full version of Tetris on. All in al, the only things that I don't like are the menus upon menus and the lack of an easy to use alarm clock. The calendar can be set up to act like an alarm clock, but it's kind of buried.

- durable hinge, solid "open" click
- large LCD screen inside, good colors and a help file to explain icons
- exterior LCD has an extra layer of plastic without impeding visibility
- excellent reception and clarity
- feels sturdy, especially with rubber grip
- light, less momentum when dropped
- decent onboard memory
- bright buttons and external LEDs
- good battery life, but the extended battery is, of course, better
- speakerphone is loud and fairly clear

- excessive menu systems
- alarm clock is virtually non-existant
- only 4 volume settings for the earpiece and speakerphone
- not enough speed dial options
- small directional pad, even for small finger

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