I have carried one of these for about 3 months. The phone is rugged as advertised. The UI needs work, or I am just conditioned to using a Nokia.

LOUD ringer and Strong Vibration
Appears water/dust tight. Has O-Ring seal. Potentially Class I device.
Strong belt clip.
Bounces good.
Speaker Phone is good.
Bright yellow. I can find it in the bilge of a boat.

UI needs polishing. I continously get to the setting menu and change the phone's number while trying to initiate a call.
Battery life isn't too good. A long winded call drains the power.
Only available with Nextel -- BAD! Very Bad!
PTT option can be aggravating in vibrate mode. No volume to external speaker.

Wishes for Moto:
If you are in construction,or have calloused hands these are difficult to feel - raise the button height about 1mm.
Change the menu system.
Collaberate with other carriers. I am going back to Cricket because Nextel drops my calls.

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