Okay here I go again buying another phone...Background I have used the Sanyo 5500, Toshiba 4050, Sanyo 8200, Treo 600, Nokia 6225, Sanyo 8300, Sanyo 5600, Treo 650, Samsung a800 and the Sanyo 7400 in the last two years.

Screen: I think had this phone had a QVGA screen it would be very very close to my dream phone. However the full screen wallpaper option keeps this from being a deal breaker. Rate 7

Feel and Looks: This phone feels well made and looks very professional. Not small but not a huge phone especially to me since I had the Treo 650 before this one. Samsung quality is definately evident in this one. Reminds me of the a600 which I loved too. I wish this phone was black but I am sure the ability to change color will be coming soon from visionkins. Rate 8

Reception: Great so far no dropped calls...About 300 minutes on timer. Rate 8.5

Ringers: This phone supports AAC ringers and they sound awesome. I haven't noticed a difference between the ringers on my 7400 or the 5600. They are both clear sounding but memory hogs. However the a940 has alot of space so no worries there. Vibrate option on all levels definatley a plus. 8

Earpiece: Samsung earpieces are very clear and coming from the Treo 650 I am welcoming the change. The a940 is crisp and loud enough I havent adjusted the volume since Ive had it. Rate 8

Camera: I dont take very many pictures but when I do I want them to be good. The a940 is very good although it is not quite as good as the a800, I would it is the second best camera in the Sprint lineup. One thing many might not like it you have to rotate the screen to take a picture. However for me I like that feature because it mimics my Canon cam. Rate 8

Menu: Menu icons are crisp and POP at you. Samsung is the leader in nice UI designs in my opinion and the fact you can customize it to fit your own taste makes it even better. I always have the hearts floating on my screensaver and people will ask me where I got my screensaver. Rate 8

Web Experience: EV-DO is no joke. I remember when Vision came out and we Sprint users thought we were on the edge but until you have experienced EV-DO you are really not browsing or downloading fast at all. Rate 8

Others: I love the ability to watch a movie or video from the outer screen. Media player is nice. Stereo sound is nice and loud. I dont care for the bright led on the front of the phone because it bothers my sleeping when on my nightstand ...so I turn the phone over. Battery life is good. One of my co workers have the Verizon version the a970, played with mine for 10 minutes and started the process to port his number from Verizon to Sprint.

Overall: I REALLY like this phone. Even with talks of it being discontinued I am STILL keeping it. The phone has alot of features but more importantly does them well . I have not used the BT features because I got rid of my Acura TL and Mercedes doesnt offer BT in their cars. I AM BEEN IMPRESSED with reception not one dropped call so far.Overall I give this phone a 8.25.

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