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    The Motorola V635 is the successor to the popular V600 and V620. Upgrades include a color external LCD, megapixel camera with video capture and flash, MP3 player, a TransFlash memory card slot, and EDGE high-speed data. Other features of this quad-band GSM phone include changeable outer metal plates, speakerphone, and voice dialing.

    Now personally I work at a wireless retail store which sales T-Mobile, Sprint, and Cingular services. I have come across many, many phones and most recently I have purchased the V635. I've have had it for almost 2 months now, and I've been very pleased. I currently have this phone with T-Mobile and let alone T-Mobile's all-around reception, this phone isn't bad at all. The reception is quite good and haven't had any problems yet.

    As for the features, there are very few to compare. You can't go wrong with the 1.2 Megapixel Camera. I work next to a Wolf Camera store which has a operational Bluetooth printer, so I can print out my pictures through the Bluetooth Capability this phone has. The pictures are very good in quality for a cell phone. For the video camera its not sluggish at all. It also has a feature where you can change the length of your videos. The longest I could get it to record was 25 seconds which isn't too bad. It also has a zoom feature which you may use while shooting video. I haven't seen that on many phones.

    When I purchased the V635 it included a 64 mb SD Transflash card which isn't bad, but later on I bought a 128 mb for my Mp3s. The Mp3 player isn't the fastest, but has great sound quality which is most important to me. The phone also included the USB Data Cable which you may use to transfer files back and forth. You may also listen to your music through the speakerphone which is quite loud and clear.

    Now for some of the things that are not very appealing about this phone. One that can be irritating is the external camera button can be easliy pressed when not wanted to, resulting in unwanted pictures. Also like the V600 the outside volume control can't be disabled. Another thing is that it only comes with one game on it so you would have to download more, which might cost you.

    So overall this is a great phone and one that I will be able to keep for quite a long time. I highly recommend it to any GSM phone user.

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