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    Just got it yesterday but so far so good.


    The sound quality is awesome, the resolution on the screen is great, performs just like any phone should + its has tons of options. Just went out and bought a 256 t-flash card for it. Going to test out the mp3 player and the movie player tonight.

    everyone at work had to see it. only good things from them also.


    proprietary headset, cant use anything besides what comes with it or a bluetooth,

    screen gets smudged easily, i bought the optional case but still take it out every once in awhile and get fingerprints on it.

    I will update as i use it more and let you guys know the good and the bad. also if anyone has any sites where i can get some good java games please let me know.

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    Re: Samsung T-809 Review

    Great phone for Under $150 - triband - camera - good features - good interface.

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