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    Re: Asurion cell phone insurance review!

    What does Asurion actually give you for your money?

    The USB charging/data jack in my AT&T Nokia Mural begins to fail. Sometimes it charges. Sometimes not. It's been insured for over two years at $4.99/month charge for insurance. That's at least about $120. I initiate a claim. Hmm... There's a $50 deductible. What's the cost of a refurbished Nokia Mural on today's market (eBay, Amazon. etc)? About $59. I've bought replacement phones before on eBay. Never had a problem. I realize I've paid $120+ to save $9. Still, it's only a $9 difference, so I decide to go ahead with a claim, kicking myself the whole time.

    But do I get another Mural? Nope. I'm being sent a second-rate, less snazzy Nokia 6350. Best price on eBay? $39.99. Now I've paid $170+ for a $40 phone. I want to kick someone else, now.

    Okay: Stupid me. I'll take the hit. But I immediately call AT&T and cancel any further coverage.

    I get the "replacement phone on its way" confirmation e-mail from Asurion and it tells me to (surprise!) send back the flaky old Mural or face a "non-returned equipment fee". Still, if I want the Mural as a back up (I can always charge its battery in the new phone) how much could that be?

    "Hello, Asurion? What's the amount of this fee for not sending you the Mural?"

    WHAT THE...?!? So my flaky old phone is now worth *$170???*, even though I can buy one that WORKS for $59???!!!

    Bottom line: Had I just bought replacement off eBay, I would have two phones (one not charging reliably) for $59.


    You be the judge.

    See More: Asurion cell phone insurance review!
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    Re: Asurion cell phone insurance review!

    Bad News!!! I had my iphone stolen on Friday. Called in the claim immediately. It is now Tuesday and still no phone. Was promised overnight, then Monday and now Tuesday. Called Asurion 6 times so far and one e-mail. Had to fax an Affidavit!! Was told I would have to pay $169. My card was charged $199 - same price a new phone so no value there for having paid premiums. Several years ago I lost a phone and Asurion sent me a reconditioned replacement! Should have figured it out then. Will find another insurance company. I searched and found one just for cell phones, with reviews of better service and less money.

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    Re: Asurion cell phone insurance review!

    I just called to track my phone and Asurion said "the tracking system is down today." Really?? Yeah right. I don't need my MBA to know that it is a lot more profitable to get me to pay the $150 deductible for a replacement than it is to help me find my phone. I said as much to the rep and she said "well, actually the system has been down for a few weeks now." No kidding. Why would it ever be up? To her credit, I think she was completely clueless to the scam she was unintentionally assisting. If Asurion helped me track my phone, Asurion would only get $7 a month instead of $7 a month plus the deductible. It's a total no brainer for a company that is cool with unethical business practices. I'm using new insurance from now on. Squaretrade.com looks like a good option. Boycott Asurion. It's the only way they will stop scamming consumers.
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    Re: Asurion cell phone insurance review!

    I have had to use Asurion a few times with my son. He bought the G1 and then the G2, and he cracked the screen on both. We had absolutely no problems with Asurion. We filled out a claim online and a new phone was at our house literally the next day. Yes, I had to pay $130 deductible, but this IS a $400 phone. The deductible is based on how much the phone is worth, so $130 is the highest one they have. They send everything you need, postage paid, to send the old phone back.
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    Re: Asurion cell phone insurance review!

    Asurion cell phone insurance is a total rip off. It's fine if they send you a replacement cell that works. I have received 2 replacement phones over the past 45 days both of them faulty after 2 - 3 weeks. I broke down and upgraded to a new cell phone with Verizon Wireless. They suggested that I call Asurion and explain the issue to get my $50.00 deductible returned. I called and of course I am outside the 7 day cash return policy. I called them back and because I cannot repeat the same issue (keys repeating and going off when texting) I was having with my latest cell phone they will not replace it. I canceled my Asurion cell phone insurance on 3 cell phones today. When reflecting on it, it really doesn't save us any money. The insurance has gone up to 6.99 a month. You may pay that for 12 months 7.00 x 12 = 84.00 plus a $50.00 deductible = 134.00. You can get a basic cell phone for that. Customer service sucked and the tecnical support folks just parrot scripts. It is very hard to talk with people that are not empowered to use their brains and make decisions based on the circumstances. I have no desire to deal with those folks again

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    I will try a different option for cell phone insurance. Asurion and their poor customer service and unfriendly terms and warranties has really turned me off.
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