I had the Motorola E398 for a year already, and it was quite good. Thre were some problems with it so I went to the service centre many times. Software problem, keypad problem, and it is not very durable. The logo at the bottom broke off at the side. Oh dear!

Operating system is very slow and after using for 1 year the memory card had problems, the phone not able to format it, files constantly deleted and free memory says zero though I put only 2 songs in it after all my files got erased. After uasing an adaptor to put it in side a camera the camera formatted it perfectly. But problems came again after I put the card back into my phone. I put 10 files and then disconnected the phone. Then I rreconnected it. I upload 2 files and then when I acessed the memory card from my phone the card had only 3MB left of memory space and 2 songs inside. ?? I don't know if it is the problem with the Transflash or the phone.

And also the phone has problems playing variable bit rate MP3 and above 192kbps. Some of the videos were also a little choppy.

Pro: Sound quality perfect on onboard speakers! It even has vibe sync(bass vibrates). The interface is nice and colourful. The screen is great. NO difference from Rokr E1 even though the Rokr has more colours. And for the itunes software in the Rokr, I think its not very good. I heard that it can only support 50 songs in the 512MB card. The rest have to access by the normal MP3 player in the Rokr. Other than the colour(s), the E398 is the same as the Rokr E1.

I grade this phone 7.5 out of 10.

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