So, i got the sidekick 2 on Sunday and all i can say is, i LOVE it! i recommend this phone to ANYONE AND EVERYONE! let me get more in detail as to why i think this phone is PERFECT...
1. very LOUD ringers/earpeice when using phone/loud speakerphone
2. easy to use qwerty keyboard
3. the earpeice lites up rainbow colors when u get a message/phonecall
4. has vibrate only/vibrates when u recieve call/message
5. extremly user friendly
6. has a flash for the camera
7. the charger is a pinhole charge, much easier to use
8. has call profiles, to assign different ringer volumes, etc
9. photo caller id AND if u dont have a pic of the person, u click the lil pic and they have cartoon pics of people u can use lmfao, cute touch danger!
10. overall just very easy to use!
11. changeable skins and bumpers!

overall, i give the sidekick 2 a 9 out of a possible 10! a 10 would be if it had the following features... THAN this would be the ULTIMATE, PERFECT PHONE! i would even settle if it had just the mp3 player and expandable memory, well.. ok wallpapers and ringtones that u upload urself helps.. ok nevermind let me shut up, cus i want all the following on there loll...

what the next sidekick could use and should have

1. better camera
2. mp3 player
3. camcorder
4. expandable memory
5. wallpaper enabled
6. can upload and use ur own ringtones WITHOUT buying from tmob
7. vibrate patterns. . .
these are all features my sanyo 9000 has, i just bought it last month for 450.00 and now im on to the sidekick, im so sad, i will miss my sanyo. its still activated with sprint but i am about to cancel, im on my 14 day trial period with tmob, so im just making sure, u kno? of corse i kno i am sure, i jus am double checking lol. always good to be sure. let me give some background history.. i have been with sprint since early summer 05 and i first got the LG PM 225 then got the SanyoPM-8200 then i got the sanyo mm8300, and then finally i got my sanyo 9000. as u can see i LOVE sanyo! but a big thing to me is customizations.. the sanyo9000 is FULLY customizable.. but to me, having aol,aim,email basically unlimited, is much more WORTH it, than having the sanyo 9000 that has all these features, that i dont even use! its good to have tho.. incase... i am thinking of selling it tho, not too sure if i should tho. i paid 450.00 for it and im not sure how much i should sell it for, IF i even sell it. someone have any ideas? i am not good with that stuff, i do kno its a month old and the LOWEST id go is 350.00, that is definately suffiecient. . . what would u guys do IF u were to sell ur sanyo 9000 that was brand new? o man, i just wrote a novel, i am so sorry, once i start typin, i dont stop, as u can see ... lol..

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