I havent heard much about the Sanyo 9000 on this forum, its a sprint phone. Well ive had it since my bday Dec 9th! i paid 450.00 for it!! and i already left it for the sidekick2! so far, seems like a great choice and i explained why in my previous post, i reviewed the sidekick2! check it out if u get a chance or if u are thinkin about gettin a sidekick2. heres my review on the 9000!

The good:
1. u can have a diffrent wallpaper on both screens
2. screen measures at 240x320, very big!
3. extremly loud earpeice/speakerphone
4. LOUD ringtones!!
5. can upload/create ur own ringtones AND wallpapers!
6. expandable memory ( included is a 16mb card )
7. comes with usb cord, to upload ur mp3s from comp to phone or vice versa
8. u can change the menu
9. rainbow led
10. u can use either rainbow for incoming calls, or one particular color.. like if u get a voicemial, and u have set purple to the color of choice, wen u get a voicemail, the phones led lites up purple n ull kno its a voicemial, rainbow as ur on a call, green for text message..etc, u choose the colors u want to use for each category!! i lov that part
11. vibrate patterns! yep, u can have DIFFRENT vibrate patterns. for example, incomming calls with BLOCKED #s can have pattern 3 which goes fast and hard.. or pattern 4 which is slow and long.. really good feature, especially if ur in the car and the music is loud, ull kno who it is by that, or somewhat who it could be..
12. photo caller ID!
13. the ability to send MULTIPLE TEXT MESSAGES AT ONCE
14. up to 120 MINUTES of camcorder time, most phones have only 30 SECONDS!
15. 5 free FULL SONGS to download from sprint
16. can download FULL MUSIC VIDEOS rite to ur phone
17. there are TONS of FREE ringtone.wallpaper sites compatible with this phone ( pm me for some sites, if this is allowed )


1. its big, if ur familiar with the sanyo 5600, thats how big it is
2. no color faceplates available, yet..
those are the only major flaws on this phone.. i recommend it if ur a basic phone kinda person.. i LOVE my sidekick2 and wouldnt go back to sanyo9000... i do hope the SK plans on adding features to make it much more user customizable.. that would help ALOT..

if u have any questions about this phone, u can PM me anytime u want and i will give u more information, if this is allowed. im not to sure if u can pm me for reviews and stuff but if u can, go for it.. im always on this site.. this has become my new site addiction!! =) lol GOOD JOB SITE OWNER(S)

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