Here is my personal review of my Sanyo 8300.

*Note: 10 is the BEST possible rating.

Screen: The screen is a HUGE upgrade from the 8200. The screen is crystal clear, very legible and all around nice. Like the Sanyo 8200, you can download wallpapers to fit the entire screen. Still, you can not have a diffrent wallpaper on the outside LCD. Whatever your wallpaper is on the main LCD will be your outside LCD wallpaper, as well. your custom title can not be used while the wallpaper option is on. You can have either the wallpaper or the custom title option. The screen is a very nice upgrade!
Rate 10

Feel and Looks: This phone feels sturdy, solid and very small in your hand. Sanyo got rid of that annoying creak when you open and close the phone.This phone is very durable and the quality is again, great. This phone does have a variety of colors to choose from, as well as a pink and black case with diamonds along the edge. It does come with 2 other face plates, that slip in and out of place. I got the blue one ( as always ) which is a really nice blue. It comes with a dark blue plate and a lite metallic blue. I loved the look on this phone, it doesnt look very different from the Sanyo pm 8200 but when up close, there is a total difference. This was on of my favorite phones.
Rate: 10

Reception: Incredible! i have NEVER had ANY dropped/failed calls. Never even had to extend the antenna!
Rate 10

Ringers: The ringtones are LOUD on this phone. Another huge upgrade from the 8200! However, the Sanyo 8300 does support QCP and AAC downloadable ringers from a variety of free sites and they sound GREAT.
Rate: 9

Earpiece: The earpeice on the 8300 is very good. You can actually hear the caller without sounding as if your in a cardboard box. Like the Sanyo 8200, you have to keep your head positioned in a certain way, as to not loose contact with the pinholes. The speakerphone is EXTREMLY loud. For a half duplex phone, this has a really nice sound to it. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
Rate 10

Camera: Camera is excellent. They put alot more features on it. They fixed the lowlight pictures and night time picture quality. Its much nicer now. Also, there are picture stamps. You can place a heart anywhere on the picture, as well as dozens of more little stamps. If you take a picture, you can make the person in the picture a fireman, have a happy birthday border and many more.
I loved the camera on this phone. The one thing i hated about giving up this phone was the fact that I had to give up the camera/camcorder, as well.
Rate 9

Camcorder: The camcorder is nice. You can record up to 30 seconds clips. I used this alot although it does take up alot of memory and there is no expandable memory slot on this phone. Camcorder is a good feature!
Rate 9

Menu: The menu is much better than the 8200. There is no doubt that this phone was a wonderful upgrade to the Sanyo 8200. The menu is alot easier to read, placed much nicely and you can change the colors finally. There is only an option of 3 different colors though.
Rate 7.5

Web: The web is great. Its about as fast as the Sanyo 8200. Downloading goes at a pretty quick rate too.
Rate 9

Others: I love the "my buddy" feature on here, its a rat. Hes a cute rat though! Also, i love the fact that the creak on the hinges is finally gone, it doesnt feel as delicate as the 8200!
Rate 9

Battery: Battery life is excellent. It charges fully within 30 minutes or so and with heavy use it can last all day and all night, without dying.
Rate 10

Overall: One of the best phones ive ever owned and would definately buy it again, if i didnt have the 2 phones i have now. ( my sidekick and sanyo 9000 )

Overall Rate: 9

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