Well, this is Verizon's newest brand of music phone. I can say that this phone is actually much better than the crap Nokia I had before. The first thing that strikes you when you first get this phone, is the "wow" factor. This phone looks like it's some advanced MP3 player when you first get it. Next thing, when you open it and start it up, you'll realize how easy it is to actually use it. There's a button on the side that turns on the camera (which can be used while the phone is closed, even though the outside LCD has a lousy refresh rate). Speaking of the camera, you'll find more features than your standard camera phone (even a "negative" feature, which can make some interesting wallpapers). Next thing, there are your standard buttons on the outside to control music with. Standard Play/pause, track forward, track backward, and Stop buttons. You also have the wheel which is used to move forward or ahead in particular songs. There are also volume buttons on the side. Now for the bad part... it's a Verizon phone. Now some people may not agree with me, but Verizon tends to cripple their phones and make you pay out the ass for new features. In this case Bluetooth OBEX is disabled. Although this is standard Verizon fare, for a music phone bluetooth OBEX would have come in handy. You also are unable to play .wma's off the phones main flash memory. Instead you must purchase Transflash cards, which I'm assuming are proprietary as I have not seen any other device that uses them. Well, that's my review. Now I'll summarize pros and cons for skimmers:

-easy to use
-easy to hold and carry (This can't be stressed enough, this phone just feels really good to hold)
-great high-res camera with alot of added features.
-easy music control.
-great main LCD.

-Verizon (crippled)
-Bluetooth OBEX disabled
-Must purchase Transflash cards for playback.
-Front LCD has horrible refresh rate.

If you have to pick a Verizon phone, then this one is a good pick. It has many problems, but the pros outweigh the cons.

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