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    there are a few reasons i bought this phone

    *my i730 was broken

    *my advantix camera was on its last leg
    *i didnt want to keep spending money putting pics on discs
    *i wanted something for digital images, but didnt want to spend too much
    *i wanted to play around with video for the 1st time
    *i thought i'd kill 2 birds with one stone by getting a camera phone since i needed another phone and wanted a digital camera
    *i thought i could make my own ringtones
    *i wanted to make my own wallpapers
    *i thought maybe i could take a good pic of myself for once

    i had to go to like 3 different stores to find the dayum thing....

    special features? lets see...

    boost walkie talkie....
    1$ a day now. i dont use my cell all the time. but when i do, i chirp folks all over the USA, so its cool for me. i dont use the actual phone most days, i dont even chirp every day. i might call someone when i'm just in traffic sometimes.

    something or other pixels, and blah blah blah
    the camera and video recorder
    i havent taken a really decent pic yet. well the one thats my avatar i guess. but no good ones of me. that was a trip trying to get the phone to take a pic of itself.
    see my bling? they had those rhinestones at the store i went to to get the phone. i'm a really frugal person and had said that if i spent that dayum much money on a phone, i wasnt gonna put all that crap on it. but someone i know showed me her phone that she covered with cubics, and it was really cute. i like arts and crafts, but i aint doing the whole phone. that took like an hour.
    ok i digressed....

    i just noticed the zoom. i need to play around with it some more.

    i can play and record video.
    it saves the file in the 3pg format, so i havent figured out how to use the video with my software. havent tried theirs yet. i cut the lapdance (NERD), but the file size was still too big to play on the phone. recorded video is dark.

    i can play mp3s.
    big whoop. i dont really want to use my phone to listen to chopped up songs, i wanna make ring tones! when i had a i205, i spent more on ringtones than the actual phone! i just chopped some songs as if they were ringtones, and that was cool. and now i do have the "touch it" remix, mary's part, on my phone

    bluetooth -
    i dont even know how to activate it! and i'm guessing the other device has to be bluetooth also i went to there site i875 got 0 results in their search.

    trans something memory card
    i bought my pc with the intent of getting a digital camera, so it has all these slots, putting the card in to copy and save stuff is cool. that little itty bitty memory card inside the disc is freaking me out. its sooo tiny, and doesnt come out of the phone easy all the time.

    the large color screen is nice.

    all the web stuff
    i dont feel like sitting on the phone forever to get all that activated yet.

    games, ringtones and wallpapers.
    i really dont care about those games. i only played games on my i730 when i had to wait in line or something. i havent checked their downloads.
    those midi ring tones suck!

    roxio easy media creator 7 basic vcd came with the phone.
    ummm yea.... iono about easy. the software will be cool after i learn it i guess. i already had a program like it tho. i hate learning how new software functions. i'm not good with technical stuff, and i just wanna do what i wanna do without a whole lot of reading. i'll read a book, i hate reading instructions.

    i've been trying different features as i type. i dont think the roxio software likes the 3pg format either, i thought my computer was gonna crash just now, i would not type all this again if it had.

    displaying jpegs is really cool.
    i just put some stuff on i did already. but i havent tried making images solely for wallpapers, so now i got something else to play with. what is it? 200x200? this should be fun....

    boost was supposed to have upgraded my account but something is wrong. the buttons dont respond right. i press 2 to block like it says, and then it says i've paused the message. smh

    i didnt read any posts here expect the rules, is this like the longest review ever? hold up! i'm not done....

    ease of use?
    i'm just technologically challenged. but the boost reps are no help. they dont know either. i called and sat in silence while the rep read his prompts. i figured out more stuff on my own.

    mann, i'm tired...
    most folks wont have my issues. i think that i205 was my 1st cell, since the bricks. for reals. i'm an anachronism.

    the pic is on my avatar.
    i got the cham -pag -ne one

    inside joke

    i got another pic off some site.
    i'll come back with it after i GIMP it.
    i really do like the phone, it just costs too much and i cant figure out all the stuff. but it looks really nice and i like being able to put graphics on there that i've made.

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    i found some pics of the phone....

    i changed my mine about some features of the phone, but i am in too much pain to go into detail now.
    i got problems with my shoulder, and it hurts typing.

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    my mind even.
    still in pain....

    mixing the mp3s so thats cool. i can play my own mixes and i'm lovin that.
    not messing with ipod now. i shold go ahead and take itunes off my pc, they getting on my nerve anyways, keep getting on my start up.

    i tried the web for 1 day. i didnt like it.

    been taking lots of pics with it. and i loaded all my graphics so i can show folks, and thats real cool. i keep the size at wallpaper for the camera. u can check some on the make n1c laugh board.

    the headset is taking some getting used to, but at least no one has to hear the whole convo now.

    my back is almost completely blinged, it looks cool but incomplete. gotta figure out how i'm going to do that without messing up the lens or screen.

    and now i figure its a pretty good deal for your money to have all those features in one.

    i dont know what to do with the video - the format is not compatible with anything and i havent found anything that converts it yet.

    my son keeps getting my pin blocked, so i'm on the phone with these folks, well was. i got the puk now. customer service is getting a little better - they try a little too hard to be cool/hip tho.