Just recived my D600 and i must say its sleek.....i was using the LG1400 so bassically anything was an upgrade from that.....

First thing i tried out was the sliding feature (because i was use to a flip phone) and i must say it felt very solid and smooth with a pretty nice "locking notch" feature which was just as easy to slide back down.......

Next i was off to check out the screen quality which i heard was one of the best.....i must admit i was very impressed with the resolution and the amount of space on the screen which is fully customizable......the menu's were set up just like my LG for the most part and was super easy for me to learn (would be easy for the average cell phone user to learn as well)......

The build of the phone really feels solid nothing on the phone feels cheap and it fits VERY nicely in my hand both in the closed and open positions......

-the 2.0 MegaPixel camera is phenominal (flash is nice as well)
-Size of screen and the resolution
-Storage amount of 80mb on the phone WITH a t-flash expandable memory so you can have over a gig of memory (round $55-$75 for a gig media card)
-bluetooth is nice (borrowed a bluetooth headset)
-Software included with the phone for hooking phone up to computer was easy to navigate and learn
-keypad lock is a must
-speakerphone!! nice and loud and easy to use and you dont even have to slide the phone up to use it
-reception is better than my last phone (maybe because this is a quad band and my other was a tri band?)
-can hook up to a TV with included cable (good for microsoft office which is included on the phone) also good for video's you capture with the phone
-phone only took round 7-10 minutes to set up from the time i opened the box (you got to set time/date, i changed the ringtone and other phone sounds, and how the phone works when slide up and down)
-buttons are pretty good size and easy for my hands

-have to hold down the volume button to mute incoming calls (if you dont want to just reject them and send them instantly to voicmail)
-like the D500 the D600 is a little top heavy when in the up position and when using the text message feature u got to make sure u dont let it fall out of your hands
-software phone comes with is a bassic cd and when u click update to get the newest version of the software their are an additional 170 updates which takes around 10 minutes to update fully
-hit the end button while mp3 player is playing it quits and goes straight back to main screen with no warning

my enitial thoughts on this phone are nothing but positive

would i recommend this phone to other cell phone users? without a doubt

this phone litterally has it all.....

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