The one thing that seems to be iminant in a phone nowadays is its technology. Although the Motorola C975 is becoming a bit ancesteral to this day and ages models, it passes with flying colours in almost every apect.

The features included within the model are very much up to scratch to say the least. The C975 boasts many of todays scenes, including a range of buisiness and media functions.

The intergrated camera is of a positive nature to start off with. Considering many phone manufacturers have enhanced most of todays phones with megapixel ones, the C975 really puts up a good fight with its VGA. I have compared its imaging quality next to many a megapixel phone, but the difference is very little. It's only when the pictures are transferred to a PC that the grains are even the slightest bit noticeable. You can also choose from different shutter sounds. For instance you could take a picture and have a monkey sound go of when you click the capture button! The C975 is also familiar with video recording and playback facility, which again is very much up to standard. There is also a light situated on the right of the camera, which sadly does the phone little justice in the dark. However this is made up for by another camera on the front of the handset used for video calling. Although the quality is stated as CIF, I see very little evidence of reduced quality from the rear VGA. Unfortunatly I cannot comment on the video calling facility, as I have never tried it. But the screenshot in the manual looks very promising.

On to the display aspects, the phone still holds up a good responce. The C975 is equipt with a TFT display, capable of a medium 65,536 colour radius. This not only assists the camera contrast, but is also a lot more inviting to look at when compared to the basic 4096 colour handsets out there. The screen is large too - meaning your gran won't have to put on her glasses to see that lovely picure you took of your dog!

Next I shall pass into storage aspects. The C975 again shows great potential in this area, as its 2mb memory is enlightened by a transflash memory card slot for up to 256mb. This enables full use of the intergrated MP3 player and the amount of videos that can be stord on the device.

The durability of the handset is not an atrochously big issue for a 3G device. It is about the averge size of one, but its weight just about passes in my books as not very noticeable. It is big, but will slide into alomost any pocket only too well. I find the phone to look very trendy when I use it as well. One bad point for originl sony ericsson users though, is that the joystick is a bit tough to push, but I found the adaption a breeze. The phone also has volume controls on the left side of the phone, and a camera shutter button on the right. Below both of these buttons is the word Motorola encrypted in solid plastic to assure the handset won't suddenly slide out of your palm.

This handset also efficiently passes as a hands-on buisiness device, with full calculator, calendar and alarm clock functions available at hand. All of these applications are very easy to use too.

The only real bad thread of this handset, is that it lacks infrared and bluetooth, but connectivity is not completely blanked out, as a compatible data cable can be purchased to do all the file swapping!

The MP3 player is very handy too and it is incredibly easy to use. The only catch is that you must buy a 2.5 headphone port to take advantage of using headphones, but it can still be enjoyed over the loudspeaker situated below the rear camera of the phone. WMA playback is also supported, meaning no more converting your music to MP3. Simply rip the music from a cd, send it to the handset, and away you go! You can also ue the Mp3's as ringtones, which really make you look like a god whe your phone goes off!

The video facility is a useful touch too. You are able to choose from 3 quality settings, whether the sound should be recorded, if the light should be used etc. Without a memory card, you can record for up to 30 seconds, but buying one will enhance it to a full 3 minuites worth on each recording. I also found out that "Real Media" is also supported as a playback format too.

The reception for phone calls is great, and the voice is always crystal clear both ends. The Wap is almost broadband speed when using 3G, which saves a ton of credit when it comes to downloading stuff.

Overall, I give the Motorola C975 9/10, as it is a great phone to use which really only lacks more connectivity options. But it is a budget phone, so we can't expect the world of it. It can usually be found for as little as 40 unlocked nowadays, which pretty much rounds it up as a must buy!

I hope this helps!


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